RubyMotion on Rails (Part 1)

Bereits seit über einem Jahr code ich mit RubyMotion. Und ich muss sagen, ich bin immer noch sehr davon begeistert. Speziell die Möglichkeit der Blöcke und der asynchronen Programmierung (Dispatch) finde ich sehr angenehm. Ich finde durch die zwei Möglichkeiten kommt Ruby erst so richtig zur Geltung. Außerdem ist ein Ruby Block einfach viel...

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1 Million Dollar Roboter

Today is a good day, because I'm getting finally my new and shiny Sphero! My goal with this little friend is, to bring the fun in programming to kids. I think the best trigger for showing kids the fun part in programming is with direct and funny results. So I will use Sphero to build a little Framework for the young kids to play with the Sphero....

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Playing With Canvas And JavaScript

I had this idea for a online game. So I began to code... The project continues and begans to grow. Then I wanted to have some "action" part in the game and found canvas.
Canvas is an HTML element which can process JavaScript very fast. First view on this brand new technique I was shocked, that is not so much helpful. If you know SVG you can have...

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Playing with Box2D

I just found the amazing physics engine called Box2D! The best thing about it is that Franz Enzenhofer has written a jQuery plugin for us! It's a great opportunity to play with Box2D.
I've created a javascript bookmark snippet for testing! Just drag and drop the link into your browser and it can be run on any website.
Or just try my amazing...

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